Why Use a Crate?

What may seem like a straightforward question has a rather long answer. Today I will try to answer the most basic of questions regarding crates: Why should I use a crate in the first place? There are a few obvious downsides to crates.

  • High cost
  • Pack poorly (typically)
  • High weight
  • Less uniform than paper packaging (cardboard boxes, etc.)
  • Long lead times (typically)

Although some crates do address these problems, crates are in general not ideal. So, what are the benefits of crates?

  • Strongest protection of goods
  • Strongest concealment of goods (with some crate types)
  • Contributes to the “unboxing experience” in a positive way (with some crate types)
  • Prevents and tolerates poor handling better than other packaging types

Crates are almost never chosen because they are what an OEM wants, simply that they meet the demands that the OEM needs in delivering their product to the customer. A plywood crate is one of the best ways to ensure that your equipment reaches its final destination in one piece.