Custom Pallets

Many businesses rely on the standard 40″x48″ pallet for their business needs. For companies looking for a standard pallet, the best choice is a pallet company. These companies have the equipment and cheap wood to produce pallets quickly, cheaply, and in volume. What if you have a piece of equipment that is not a good size match to a standard pallet? What should you use then?

The big advantage of a 40″x48″ pallet is that every pallet jack and forklift can work well with it and not likely damage it or the cargo on top of it. So generally a pallet should not be made smaller than a 40″x48″. There are some other smaller standard sizes that will still work well with a forklift or pallet jack. These are the metric sizes that are common in Europe and elsewhere.

What if you need to ship a large piece of equipment and need a pallet or skid that is larger than 40″x48″? The cheapest choice is an off the shelf pallet from a shipping supply company. Even though you may pay $100 for that 48″x96″ pallet, it is still cheaper than hiring a company like ours to build that pallet for you, or to build one of a different but more ideal size.

When should you hire Wood4Industry to make a pallet for you? When you have very specific needs that an off the shelf pallet will not fill. This could include having a heavy plywood top to offer better support for your equipment. Mounting holes or hardware could be added to help secure the item to the pallet. Weight requirements could also mean that a normal 2×4 pallet that you would get from your shipping supply company would be insufficient. So most of the time, you are better off getting a stock item and making it work, but keep us and companies like us in mind for your special projects.