This page has links to articles that explain topics relevant to industrial woodworking and crate building. If you are in manufacturing or logistics there will be something here for you.

Why Use a Crate?

Why do people need crates in the first place? Who should order one and why.

Custom Pallets

People are always searching for custom pallets to fit their equipment needs. What are the pros and cons of something other than the “normal” pallet.

Crating in Northern Virginia

You want a crate in Northern Virginia? A brief discussion of your options.

Dimensional Lumber Sizes

How big is a 2×4?

Types of Plywood

A general introduction to the various plywood types available commercially.

Is Woodworking a Good Hobby?

The first in a series of articles on woodworking as a hobby.

What Tools Do You Need?

A brief overview of the tools you should have before ordering a crate.

Plywood vs. OSB

Which to choose?

Nails vs. Screws

Which to choose?

Which Titebond to Use?

Woodworkers’ favorite glue comes in a variety of choices, but which one is right for you?

Should You Buy Ryobi?

A heavily marketed tool brand in Home Depot, but is it actually any good?

Should You Buy Cordless Tools?

Cordless tools get better and better every year. Should you buy them or stick with corded?

Should You Buy Snap Together Crates?

Snap together crates of various forms have become widely adopted, but are they better?

Microsoft Office and G Suite Alternatives

Many business rely on Microsoft and Google for their office software. Are there any alternatives?

Which Hammer Should I Buy?

Choosing a hammer is harder than you think. Which should you choose and why?

How to Choose a Nailgun

One of the most useful tools a carpenter has, but so many choices.

Heat Treating Of Wood

All about heat treating of wood, what it is and why you need it.

Choosing Air Fittings

There is a surprising amount of choice, but many people just use what comes with their tools. Is that the best choice and what are the alternatives.

How To Choose A Forklift

Choosing a forklift is an expensive decision, how to make this often difficult decision.